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BIGO LIVE allows you to live-stream your favorite moments, make friends from all around the world, and watch 24/7 live stream to kill boredom. We have over 400 million users around the world.
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A new room type has been added! Users can now create a Key Room. Only the people being invited or have the key can join the room on BIGO LIVE.
Users can now enjoy a Multi-guest room with up to 12 members. Invite your friends and savor the experience now!


We are living in an era which is full of software and hardware advancements. With the passage of time and due to rapid development in technology sector has changed the source of sports, education, and entertainment as well. The number of outdoor games has shrinking dramatically. People love to have digital and virtual entertainment as compared to old sources entertainment.

“Good, Bad Or Indifferent, If You Are Not Investing In New Technology, You Are Going To Be Left Behind.”
-Philip Green

Almost for every problem there as an app available on your Google or IOS store and some of them can be got from directly your browser as an apk source. One thing should be noticed that all the applications which are available on play stores have always a plus point which is their security assurance which means all the games which you are getting from authentic play store is safe to download and install.
On the other hand here is a type of applications called android package kit or APK file, which might be hard to get from an authentic source to have virus free application but have a plus point as well. You can download and save it for later use it would not consume your space to adjust itself as working application. Shocking? How it is possible to have an application in your phone and it will not take a bite from your memory? Let’s have look on it.

 Difference Between APK and APP 

APK and APP are as different from each other as black and before choosing between app and apk it is very important to understand the reasons and aspects which make them different from each other.

What is an APP?

It is very well-known thing for us, because every one of us is a techy but still there are a number of people who don’t know exactly about the app.
Application is a sort of software which is developed specifically for mobile platform. If we look a little back to our past, people used to work almost every sort of possible task on windows pc but later on smart phones jump into industry and changed everything with their efficient working and number of great and useful apps. All these apps are sort of genies which can work as per your desire on the go.
You just simply need to install your required app from play store and here you go, you can perform your tasks on the go. Several types of apps make your working easy whether it’s related to banking, shopping, photo/video editing or your study related task. All these apps have their specific size and have access to your specific data which you can get to know while downloading it from play store.

What is an APK?

Apk might not be a known term for you as for some people it’s not something they usually use or see. APK stands for android packages kit which is a file format which specifically works on android platform. APK is set of files in which audio, video, source code, and small related files are included. You just get APK file download from your Browser into your phone, later on the installer will unpack all the files and install it to your phone and it will work like a normal app, which you get from your play store.

Why APK and APP are Different?

With same functionality and working Apk and App are different from each other. App is software which you can directly download from app store, and it will automatically install itself in to your mobile phone. But on the other hand the APK file is bit different from an app. You can download it from a reliable source and can unpack or install it later, which means it will not consume your space in order to get its size adjusted. Sounds amazing? 😊
The net difference is about their downloading accessibility. You must have to log in to your play store in order to get your desired app but in case of Apk you are free to download it from any source which should be reliable, and does not harm your device and privacy.
Next difference is based on the permission by android platform to have you required app or apk file. If you download an app from play store you don’t need to take any sort of specific permission it will directly download to your gadget but same rule doesn’t apply on Apk.
In order to get an application via APK file extension you need to make a special permission while installing the apk source file which is related to security stuff.
To get best from today’s technology advancement, it is better and good to know about some basic terminology so you could have better understanding about your apps and Apk because many of us get confused about APK and App which are definitely not the same initially but can work like each other.
If we talk about specifically entertainment sector which has been changed a lot as almost every single person is technophile and love to be entertained via their hands on gadgets. There are several applications available in the form of app and apk format. All these apps have different working regarding entertainment.
In this article we will focus on an app called Bigo Live which is leading entertainment application around the globe. We will focus on Bigo Live APK file format.

We aren’t in an information age; we are in an entertainment age.
-Tony Robbins

 Bigo Live APK Download For Free. 

People of this era specially the current generation love to be entertained via technology with different platforms. Every one of us have their social life with their circle, that social life could be different from each other but there are few features or things which almost every one like to do while being on social media in, which video calling live, live streaming, live video game playing and vloging are on the top of the list.
Bigo live is an application which is the best combination of all these above mentioned features. Bigo live apk is being used all over the world for live streaming. All over the world the Bigo live is known as best application for live streaming. Jianqiang Hu is the founder of Bigo live who launched Bigo live in March 2016 by a Singaporean company called BIGO Technology Pte Ltd. While using Bigo Live Apk you can stream yourself live with different tags and stickers to make your streaming better than ever before.
Bigo Live Apk allows you to get entertained with other people’s live streaming and with commenting feature. Bigo live apk has around 200 million users. Most of the users of Bigo live apk are especially from Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia all of them are willing to be known in the virtual entertainment world. Calling each other with high-quality video is now a tap away with Bigo live apk wherever and with whoever you want to.

Download Now

Bigo live apk is free of cost, but may be later on you need to make a purchase for in app features or to enhance the number of features. Bigo live chat apk can be directly connected to Facebook and Twitter. The videos you shared on Bigo live chat apk can be further shared on connected social media. The gaming freaks can also play games via using Bigo live apk for android and pc. In app currency help you to get different sort of rewards like power levels and ranks which can be used within the Bigo live chat apk for daily base sign-ins and to exchange in app currency with your friends or favorites vloggers.
There are several versions of Bigo live apk android which are being used for different versions of android. The Bigo live old version has some flaws which the developers try to cover in the next version. The size of Bigo live chat apk varies from your android version and with the number of updates to make the Bigo live apk better than the previous. Bigo live apk 1.3.0 was the first release which can support android version 4.0 or higher. The current version of Bigo live apk is 4.11.0 which also has the requirement of android version 4.0 or higher. This simply depicts that all the Bigo live chat apk versions can only support android operating system 4.0 or higher. You can get all versions of Bigo live apk uptodown with the details of apk size, and android version requirement.
Bigo live video call apk can be downloaded for android mobile phones, iPhone as well as for windows pc. 😊
Now the question arises how to download Bigo live apk free for pc, iPhone and android cell phone. Let’s have a look on the solution.

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Bigo live APK Download For Pc

Many of us use pc or laptop more than mobile phones. So if you are a Bigo live apk fan and want to consume its features via pc or laptop then you are on right place where you will get to know that how to download an apk file of Bigo live chat on your pc and what kind of features you will be able to enjoy after downloading Bigo live apk for pc. You just need to follow some simple steps.

Method 1: NOX App Player

1. First of all you need to download nox app player into your pc, which is an android emulator and used to run the android application on pc.
2. After installing the emulator you need of log in to your Google account.
3. After log in, now you need to type Bigo live apk in search bar.
4. Now you need to download the Bigo live apk setup for windows pc.
5. After downloading you need to execute the file for installation purpose.
6. After installation click on the launch button and you are good to go.

Method 2: BlueStacks

1. Just to start download BlueStacks on your pc.
2. Launch BlueStacks on your pc.
3. Click on my apps in emulator and download Bigo live apk.
4. Log in with your Google account and get installed Bigo live chat apk.


Requirements To Download Bigo Live APK For Pc

• It can work with CPU Intel i5 or above.
• When it comes to graphic cards it needs Discrete Graphics card and at least 1 GB or above memory is required.
• 4 GB or above RAM will be good to go minimum.
• It can support windows 7 or (above) that this operating systems to get executed perfectly.
• Sound card is essential in order to get better results.
• It requires minimum 20 MB upstream speed.

Bigo Live APK Download For Android Phone

It’s simple to download Bigo live apk no android phone than windows pc. Simple steps can leads you towards the world of live streaming.

• Open up your browser and search about Bigo live apk file.

• Make sure you click on reliable source to get apk file.

• Go to the downloads and click on the Bigo live apk file.

• It will ask you to give permission to install the app from unknown source.

• It will redirect you to the phone security settings.

• You need to uncheck the unknown sources box.

• Now just install the app and you are ready to enjoy.

 Requirements To Download Bigo live APK For Android Phone 

• It only supports android 4.0, 4.1or above version of android.
• Sufficient space required which it needs to be consumed.

Bigo Live APK Features:

Best Bigo Features

• you can enjoy live streaming of your favorite and popular stars.
• You can get connected to the thousands of Bigo live users around the world.
• You can broadcast yourself from anywhere.
• You can interact with different people in the form of group as well.
• You can get many virtual gifts with amazing animated stuff and earn money as well.
• You can share photos in private chats with your friends.
• You can share your gaming screens while playing with the help of Bigo live connector, which let you share your laptop screen directly to Bigo live apk on your phone.
• Guests can join your live streaming which can take your entertainment level higher than ever. You can come live with your friends no matter they are next to you or not.
• You can share your life events, and live streaming can be shared on Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

 Bigo Live APK Mod 

Apk or modified apk is the full version of any application in which paid features also included. All the mod apk can be called unlocked version of any application. If we talk about our focused Bigo live apk then in its mod apk file you can enjoy all of its paid features free of cost.
In Bigo live apk mod you can convert your reward beans into money, which is amazing and can be an amazing source of income. You can exchange your beans and diamonds to your favorite vloggers and celebrities. This can turn into their earning in Bigo live apk mod.
The Bigo live mod apk is actually the modified version of original app and unlocks its paid facilities. You can download Bigo live mod apk for free and can get free diamonds and beans as reward. Bigo live pro apk can be downloading free and can save you from annoying ads as well.

Risks Downloading Bigo Live Mod APK

• The modified apk can easily make you slip into malware as It’s not available officially from authentic sources also dangerous viruses can be attached to pro apk.
• If you try to update the Bigo live pro apk then system will automatically detect your device and will block you from further usage.
• Malware and different harmful viruses can breach your security which can be harmful for your privacy.

Bigo Live APK Pros And Cons

  • You can make your social life dramatically amazing and can get in touch with a new people.
  • You can share your life events with your friends, family and fans in case you are famous.
  • You can have an interactive live experience with different tags and stickers.
  • You can earn money with Bigo live pro apk by exchanging your beans.
  • You can get and share your diamonds and level up your grade.
  • You can share your gaming live stream on Bigo live apk.
  • If you have your favorite celebrities you can always be up to date with their life events.
  • If your friend is far away from you but you want to come live at once, you can join each other and can have a live chat with your friends with a same screen.
  • If you are intended to share your photos with your friends, Bigo live apk let you enjoy this feature. You can simply share your photos in private chats.
  • If the developers get to know something wrong from your device, they will block your gadget by blocking the MAC address
  • You can get ad free Bigo live TV streaming in Bigo live mod apk.
  • It can waste your battery even while you are not using the app.
  • It will take a huge bite of your data due to high quality video streaming. It’s better to use it via Wi-Fi.
  • It gets disconnected for several times.
  • While log in to Bigo live it asks for personal information and there is not any specific age restriction available for minors.
  • If under-age start their live streaming they can get abusive comments or can have the access to the adult content. Parents should pay attention towards this issue.
  • Whenever you will log in, and you have connected your Facebook account with Bigo live then it will post a link on your timeline, which might be annoying for you and your friends
  • It does not keep your information secret So, you just need to avoid sharing your personal information so your privacy doesn’t get breached.

Technology is, of course, a double-edged sword. Fire can cook our food but also burn us.

-Jason Silva

Staying connected with the world is essential need in an era of technology advancement for both work and entertainment purpose. Keep yourself busy with something which is equally benefited for you and your connections. Create your own virtual world and enjoy your leisure time the way you want to.

Bigo live Alternatives


This is mostly like the bigo live mod apk. You can go online to interact with your friends and family around the globe. The entirely cool range of beauty filters are waiting to make your photos way more than beautiful. Build your fan following and be a star of your self-created world.


Enjoy as many as private chats with your friends and loved ones.  Meet the different people and create your vibrant company. Find your match and have some fun with them.


Join your community as a dancer, singer or comedian and show the world your hidden talent. Make the biggest fan following and interact with your fans live and win online and offline prizes as many as you can get.

 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Why You Need To Install APK Not App From Play Store?

Frequent updates from developers for apps can be annoying and waste of your mobile space while having an apk take you away from it, as doesn’t get updates until you wanted to have. Secondly apps from play store directly installed and consume their required space in your phone but apk files can be downloaded and can be installed whenever you want to. Whenever you feel that you want to free up your space, you can uninstall the apk file but it will be still available in your downloads for later use.

APK File Format Is Safe Or Not?

Yes, the android package kit is safe to download if you download it from a reliable source like an app called ApkMirror. There are some apps to check that whether the app is malware-free or not, in which Metadefender, NVISIO APK Scan, Hash Droid and VirusTotal are included.

How To Download APK From Authentic Source?

You shouldn’t download apk files from any source because it can lead you towards viruses and malware so the best way to get any apk is to get it from ApkMirror app.

Bigo Live APK Is Available For Jio Mobile?

As jio phones supported Linux base operating system called Kai os which cannot be android supportive but the jio phone users can enjoy Bigo live web services.

What Is Bigo Live Connector APK For Pc?

It’s an apk file format that helps you to share your activities that are being performed on pc directly to your mobile phone so you could share it as live streaming. For example drawing, and gaming sessions.

How To Scan QR Code To Connect Bigo Live PC Connector?

For this purpose, you need to open up the Bigo live pc connector app and have to choose the screen capture, and later on the game, you want to play. Here you need to notice if you choose more than one pc or games than you may have to choose one for each so your streaming gets started. Secondly, open up your Bigo live apk on your phone and start live streaming. Here you will get a small button, which would look like pc icon, just press it on and here you go! Enjoy your gaming live stream with your friends.

Is BIGO LIVE PC Connector APK Available For Mac?

For the moment the Bigo Live connector apk is only available for windows pc. It might be possible in the future you can have it for mac as well.

Is It Possible To Hide Comments And Likes While Playing Game?

Yes, it is possible. If you find it annoying then you need to click the second button of the menu bar to hide the comments and click the button again to get the normal view as before hiding it.

How to Move Menu Bar While Playing Game?

If you want to adjust your menu bar as per your desire and comfort than simply hold the blank area on the left side and drag it to wherever you want to move or adjust it.

When Streaming Live Why Your Screen Turned Into Black?

Before using Bigo live with pc connector, you need to set the authorization. If you are using window 10 then connect Bigo live pc connector as admin. After this, if you still get some issues than do to contact the developers via feedback.

After Few Minutes Why Streaming Live Gets Blurred?

Due to high video quality, it needs high-speed internet whenever your internet gets down the pc connector apk try to adjust it according to speed so always check your internet connection before using Bigo live chat apk.

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How to install Bigo Live Mod APK *Latest Version v3.24* - Unlimited Diamonds Free Download (Updated 2022) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Bigo Live Mod APK *Latest Version v3.24* - Unlimited Diamonds Free Download (Updated 2022) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


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