What Are The Best Survival Games For Android Like PUBG?

Finding the best survival games for Android is something that many people aim to achieve. There are a lot of different games out there that you can download from various sources, but it’s important that you’re able to find the ones that are going to work the best for your particular device. There are a lot of different aspects to looking at this, so make sure that you know what things to be looking for in a good game before you begin your search.

Due to the rise in android users, the developers are trying out all the possible ways to give life to their survival games like PUBG. The player needs to use his intelligence while playing these games and should also have some qualities like quick thinking and logic to survive in these games. These games have become a huge hit amongst the people across the world due to its appealing graphics and adventurous atmosphere. Most of the android users are addicted to playing these games on a daily basis.

Something else that you should be aware of when looking for survival games for Android like PUBG is how long the games actually take to play. Remember that the longer the game is, the better quality the graphics are going to be. If you’re looking for a nice, smooth game, then you’ll want to look for games that last for a few hours.

Some of the most popular games like Garena Free Fire and Call of Duty, etc. have been making waves all around the world. Apart from this, there are many other games such as Creative Destruction, etc., which can be downloaded for free.

Call of Duty: Mobile Video Game:

Call of Duty: Mobile Video Game has evolved itself from its predecessors and offers a new gameplay experience. The storyline of the game has been changed so as to present an all-new experience. Now you are required to perform certain tasks under real-time conditions. You have to kill the enemies that get through your way. This is the basic idea behind the Call of Duty: Mobile Video Game. However, one might wonder how this game has been able to gain such huge popularity all over the world.

Well, the answer is simple. The game mechanics are quite amazing. The graphics are also very good and provide for an overall entertaining experience. There are also various game modes to choose from, and there is rarely anything that you won’t like to play. Another factor which is responsible for the popularity of the Call of Duty: Mobile Video Game is the various weapons that are used in the game are realistic.

The Call of Duty: Mobile Video Game is an exciting and thrilling video game that can be enjoyed by all. This is why many people enjoy playing this game. You can simply use your Android to enjoy the thrill of this video game. It is quite amazing that such a popular video game can be enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

Battlelands Royale:

The Battlelands Royale video game is not like most of the other MMORPG games that are currently available on the market. The game is more action-based than many other titles in the genre and as many such gamers have been looking for a proper way to describe the game without giving it away. There is a total of 32 players, and you have to make your way through them in almost 5 minutes battle!

The Battlelands Royale android version contains the features of the best survival game, which is why you hear it from every gaming freak. The popular mobile operating system Android offers several unique features that have made it a huge success among smartphone users. As such, if you own an Android Smartphone, you should strongly consider downloading and installing this exciting game. When you do, you could find yourself playing for hours on end or enjoying countless hours of in-game co-op action with your friends.

This online game is extremely addicting, even though it can get stressful at times. The graphics and sounds are excellent, and the overall gameplay is challenging but fair. In conclusion, this is a challenging, exciting, addictive and well thought out video game.  You will actually be playing against others or against the generated versions of them. As you fight against your enemies, you will get help from some online friends as well. There is a map available for you to see your progress on. This game is relatively free to download as well, so you can download Battlelands Royale right away. Get more like coin master free spins here

Garena Free Fire:

Garena Free Fire Mobile Game is a new entrant in the world of mobile games. This game is a combination of adventure, shooting and role-playing games. It comes with beautiful cartoon graphics and attractive sound effects. Unlike the previously mentioned game, it features much intense battle, it’s gameplay comprises of 10 minutes, and total players are 49 where everyone is trying to survive. The main goal is to stay in the safe zone no matter what!

Other features offered by the Garena Free Fire are an improved inventory system, a leaderboard, and leaderboards for all of the players in their network. This makes it easier for players to connect with each other and show each other their achievements. In addition, social media integration allows players to add their Facebook and Twitter accounts to increase their experience.

In addition, the Garena Free Fire Mobile Game has received positive reviews. Most users have stated that the game is fun and easy to pick up. In fact, many of them stated that this was one of the easiest and most enjoyable mobile games they have ever played. If you are looking for a new and exciting mobile game, consider downloading the Garena Free Fire Mobile Game.

Creative Destruction:

Creative Destruction is a turn-based strategy game. The gameplay is really frantic, and if you don’t manage it well, you can be killed off quickly. If you like the idea of survival games, but you don’t want to get hit by spikes or have your eyes burned off, then this is the game for you.

All in all, if you are looking for the best alternative of PUBG mobile, then it is the game worth looking for. It features a deathmatch of 100 players like PUBG and graphics too are fairly similar. You have to glide in order to get started like PUBG.

It takes time and practice to get good at this game. Try going through the tutorials available to speed up the process. This game is great fun for all ages as it provides a nice break from other first-person shooter type games. If you are looking for a good game that is also good fun to play then give Creative Destruction a try. You can get a hold of it for a good price and have fun playing it.


If you are looking for some thrilling and survival games to play then try the above mentioned games. These are all the best survival games for Android like PUBG and will keep you entertained for hours! You won’t regret trying them out so have a go at them all and see which one entertains you the most!