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Sometimes we want to watch live streaming of our favorite programs, movies, songs etc. on our TV rather than on our PC or Smartphone then we should have something that acts like a bridge in between our PC and our TV, then here is good news for you, as the bridge you need will be provided to you by Chromecast, and here at this platform, you will be able to download Chromecast app for your PC.

Here we are telling you something about Chromecast that you must know. Chromecast was started in 2013, much before its introduction. It is a USB like or dongle like device that is being plugged into the HDMI port of the TV. Hence it works as a transmitter that will receive the streamed data or content from your PC/Laptop

Why Chromecast is used?

Chromecast being the famous tech gadget of Google provides its users uninterrupted streaming from their Smartphone or PC on to their TV or monitor connected with an HDMI port. It is a good option for making content streaming available on your TV. It is easily portable and you can take it with you wherever you want, on roads or when you on a trip with your friends on a hill station. So there is no need to have a smart TV if you have Chromecast. And to use it is not expensive too.

There are some versions of Chromecast which all are similar with negligible differences, but their working is the same. It can be used for streaming from a Smartphone or Laptop or PC and it can easily be done by the Google Chrome browser installed in your device.

How do Chromecast works?

Chromecast uses the WIFI to which your smartphone or Laptop or PC is connected and display movies, pics, media apps or screen of your device. The video you are watching on your PC or Laptop can be shared with your roommates on the TV and so all of your friends can also enjoy the media you watch. Chromecast is mirroring your device screen on to the TV or monitor you have connected with it.

if you are using your Smartphone for streaming then you can use Chromecast to get a bigger screen with higher resolution and during this era of social distancing due to Corona Virus, all your friends can enjoy the content on TV by keeping the safe distance from each other rather than circling around you to watch things on your mobile screen.

Guide for how to set up Google Chromecast

Here are some instructions that will provide full information including basics that will help you in using Chromecast;

  • First of all the Chromecast device is plugged into the TV and HDMI cable and power cable to the USB port too.
  • After that switch on your TV and now you the WIFI to which both your PC and Chromecast will be connected should be the same. Before starting it should be checked that both devices are connected to the WIFI.
  • Your Google Chrome browser should be of the latest version.
  • Now to set up Chromecast on your device, visit the link
  • Click on ‘Set me up’.
  • WIFI connection should be the same for both of the devices.
  • A code will appear on your browser and TV, check if the code is the same.

How connection is made from PC or Laptop?

For making connections first of all open a Chrome browser window and then click on three dots in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser open window and then select the “Cast” option and choose the Chromecast device that you want to use. When you will click on “Sources” button for activating dropdown list, three options will be in front of you;

  • Cast tab; it will only show the tab on which you are working
  • Cast desktop, this will show the whole screen of your device even when there is no browsing.
  • Cast file chosen by you.

Is there any kind of alternative to Chromecast App?

Of course there are some alternatives to Chromecast and it is true that every product has its alternatives which may or may not serve you in the same way as the selected product does. Screen Mirroring is a feature in Smart TVs with which you can mirror your device’s screen on your TV in the same way as Chromecast does. It is not the end there are more alternatives to Chromecast.

Amazon Fire TV, it does not only stream Netflix content but also permits you to play games and it also offers amazing feature that is ‘’Voice Search’’. Another such alternative is Apple TV and it even allows its users to stream iTune library.

Some problems faced by the users and their solution

When any product is used, there arise surely some problems or troubles which sometimes tease a person who have insufficient knowledge. So here we are discussing some errors with their solutions so that you don’t face any kind of trouble during the usage of Chromecast and you can easily fix those little problems.

Error no. 1: There is a clear lag between the Chromecast device and your TV.

If the information which is going to the Chromecast from the PC / Laptop, then there must be a connectivity issue. So the WIFI router must be checked to ensure that other devices are having connection issue.

The Chromecast must be shown on the router dashboard as a permitted device with adequate settings. And if there are more devices then the priority of the devices is checked and Chromecast and TV must be set at top priority than other devices present in the building.

If there are some memory issues in your PC then it can cause lag between Chromecast and TV. Then check this by using task manager (Ctrl+ALt+Delete) to know about what is running in the background and so you must close those opened programs that you are not using. If after applying all these steps no significant success is achieved then restart the Pc and reconnect to the Chromecast.

Error No. 2: Chromecast is not shown as a device option.

When someone is choosing a deviceto cast to and Chromecast is not appeared as an option. Unplug the Chromecast and plug it back again and reconnection to the WIFI is again allowed. And here one more thing you can do that is, you can close and then reopen your Chrome browser.

If the problem still persists and PC is not recognizing the Chromecast device, so try to reinstall it. The reset button is pressed on the device for nearly 25 seconds or the lights start to flash.

Error No. 3: On TV a part of PC or Laptop screen is visible.

Here you will check for the Cast settings, and the option should be checked for “Cast Desktop” rather than “Cast Tab”. As “Cast Desktop” is chosen for showing full screen of the PC. If after checking you find correct settings then click the three dots in the right hand upper corner of the opened Chrome window, and make it sure that the Zoom size is  100%? If it is lesser then make it 100%.

After following all these steps, now the turn comes of monitor or TV used. Now check th aspect ratio of the monitor or TV used. So now check here in menu all the aspect ratios in your output device to know the aspect ratio that matches with the output of Chromecast deice.

Error No. 4 After connecting everything, but there is no sound.

When all the hardware parts are correctly connected and streaming is done, then sound is also present as both streamed audio and video are being transmitted through Chromecast to the TV. So if you find no sound then make it sure that whether the sound on your PC is enabled on it or not.

And if the embedded media is being seen by you on your TV like Youtube, Twitter or Facebook, then here you must make sure that the sound is in unmated form, by checking the sound icon in the bottom of your video. And don’t forget to check the volume of your TV also, whether it is on or not.

If still your problems regarding your Chromecast are not addressed then try Google’s troubleshooting form for more help. And if you seek our help then ask us in Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this article, we will definitely reply you and try our best to resolve your issues.

Final verdict

Nowadays the online community is sharing and using the majority of the content as compared to other forms of media. Excellent way ot transmit your streamed media onto your TV and monitor. Certainly it does not fulfill all the requisites if a TV but it can act as alternative to TV. But this is what we will get in future of streaming with affordable cost also.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Does Chomecast transmit any kind of data onto TV?

Yes it can show full screen of your PC on the TV, so anything that comes onto your PC screen will be transmitted.

How much portion of my PC screen is visible on my TV?

It is your choice; you can select the part of your PC screen visible on TV.

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How to install Download Chromecast For Pc or Laptop - Updated 2023 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Download Chromecast For Pc or Laptop - Updated 2023 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.