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Fallout 4 Free Download

Based on a science fiction story, this is happening after more than two and half centuries from now, Fallout 4 is an action role playing game that has been published by Bethesda Game Studios. This game was released in 2015 and has sold more than 1.2 million copies in 24 hours of its launching. This game has broken the record of Grand Theft Auto V’s first day sale. This game has earned numerous awards and received immense love of the game lovers. So if you want to go into the post apocalyptic world then don’t waste your time, free download Fallout 4 for your PC.

This game is about the events after the nuclear war which is supposed to happen in 2077 in this game. This war is called Great War between China and United States over natural resources and ends in a nuclear holocaust in 2077.The events happening in Fallout 4 are related to October 2287 that is 210 years after the Great War. Based on retro future story the region in this game has been taken is Boston and other parts of the New England that are known as ‘’The Commonwealth’’. The story of the game is revolving around a sole survivor of this nuclear war, known as ‘sole survivor of vault 111’, who is fighting to get the revenge of his/her spouse and to trace and get back Shaun, the sole survivor’s son.

This game has an excellent gameplay, you enter into a world destroyed by the nuclear apocalypse, there is a fight waiting for you at every step and at any moment you can die so you have to fight for your survival and every decision is yours. It will be your choice whom to support and to whom you will launch a war. There is a news bulletin that nuclear war heads have been fired and are reaching to you very soon and then boom and almost all the world have been demolished. This game has two camera views one is first person view and the other one is third person perspective. This game involves a vast range of dialogues involving 11000 line of dialogue. Your player is accompanied by a dogmeat who remain all the time with you.

Plot and Story Of The Game

Concord Massachusetts neighboring Sanctuary Hills witnesses the 2077 nuclear war, before the nuclear attack there is a family at their home. This family is of the player, that can be male o female depending upon what you choose. The player with his/her spouse, son Shaun and a robotic butler Codsworth. This family has been entered in to a fallout shelter whose name is vault 111. After some time it is told in a bulletin that there is some nuclear bomb is ranging to the place and then the family is made to enter into cryogenic tubes and they are frozen alive. After some years two strangers come and awake the family and kill the spouse and kidnap the Shaun. The player is sent back to cryogenic sleep again.

Again after some years there happens a malfunctioning in the life support system and the player is awakened and this player is named as “Sole Survivor” of vault 111 and this player vows to take revenge their spouse’s killing and to take back the Shaun. After awakening the Sole Survivor goes towards home in ruins. There reunite with Codsworth who reveals that they are meeting again after210 years. The player is advised to go to Concord for help. The Dogmeat comes across the Survivor and become loyal to the survivor. Who are playing Fallout saga game first time, they must not know about Dogmeat; it is a loyal German shepherd, the only partner.

Then they go to Diamond city base in Fenway Park, and meet Piper and know about a secret agency named “Institute”, they kidnap people for pressurizing Commonwealth and replace with man-made human resembling original humans. A synth detective Nick Valentine helps Sole Survivor to uncover the spouse’s killer; Conrad Kellogg. Then he finds him and kills him and knows about Shaun who is in Institute. Then they come to know that teleportation is the only method to enter the Institute, and they succeed in doing so with the help of Brotherhood, Minutemen or Railroad. And find Shaun who is now an old man and id Institute’s director, he reveals that he was kidnapped for synth experiments as he had the pure DNA, and Sole Survivor was reawakened after 60 years.

Shaun invites Sole Survivor to become his successor after his death as he is dying of cancer. Here there are two options, you choose to become successor then you have to get rid of Commonwealth by removing Brotherhood and Railroad, then Sole Survivor will get the control of Institute after the death of Shaun. While in case of 2nd option, Sole Survivor starts fighting with Institute with Brotherhood or Railroad and finally destroys the Institute by detonating a nuclear reactor.  After this Sole Survivor would remain neutral or teams up with Minutemen and removes all other unfriendly groups.

How does the game works?

If you have played the other games of this game series like Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas, you will find that Fallout 4 has the similar gameplay. There are two camera views first person and third person viewpoint. The player can move freely in the game world and can do conversation at any time. There are more than 50 guns and these can be customized according to the need as there are more than 700 modifications are available like barrel types and laser focus. There is an armor also, which is more like a vehicle and it is energized with energy cores and the player is able to add other items needed.

Pip-Boy that makes the player able to get access to statistics, maps, data and items the player got. There is a system called SPECIAL which denotes seven statistics; strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility and luck. Player has to earn some experience points to unlock new level and abilities. Only one companion can move with the player and the companions show their reactions according to the environment in this game depending upon the character of the player.  The capability that player does not have, can be sought from the companion.

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What is new in Fallout 4 all dlc free download?

There are many things that have been added in this episode, now the player can deconstruct a building and can make of his own demand, and player can use the parts after dismantling a building for making a new one. The player can build towns and settlements, where merchants and other people can live and provide electricity, build water pumps and provide food in markets.

Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System VATS is an interesting feature in this edition, which is can slow down real time combat so you can target enemy body parts, like legs to slow down the movement of the enemy, disarm the enemy be destroying their weapons and headshots for quick killing of the enemy.

The companions other than Dogmeat can react in four ways to the player’s actions; love, like, dislike, or hate, these can raise or decrease their attraction to the player. The affinity to 1000 points can give you a benefit while on the other hand if it falls below a certain level can make the companion to leave or make him hostile on the spot.

Features of the game

Awesome First Person Shooting (FPS) Game

It is a great example of first person shooting game.

Freedom and Liberty!

Here the player is free to do anything that is felt appropriate and can go anywhere in the game’s world. The player is independent in making decisions in making an ally or enemy.

Grade your abilities against a standard system S.P.E.C.I.A.L

Here you will get some points against every characteristic in you that you will show during playing the game.

Super Deluxe Pixels

The graphic quality of this game is awesome and the scenes in the game are very clear and vivid, and show every required detail apart from the destruction or construction point of view.


A new dynamic Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S) that makes you able to slow down the movements of the enemy and target his vital points or weapons to disarm the enemy.

Deconstruct, Collect and Build Again

Here you can go to the ruins of wars and dismantle the structures present there and collect parts of the buildings and reuse them to make new buildings of your own choice you can build and manage new settlements.


The game has a good rating and has earned tremendous fame.

Open world environment

The game is in and open world environment and your player can move anywhere in the Game’s world.

No extra input devices are needed

Only key board and mouse are enough for playing this game and no other accessories are needed for play.


A wide range of weapons, more than 50 guns with more than 700 modifications in barrel type and laser focus.

Fallout 4 minimum system requirements

  • RAM: 8 GB Memory.
  • OS: Windows® 7, 8, 10, with 64-bit.
  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-2300 2.8 GHz or better.
  • GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory.
  • Hard Drive Space Required: 30 GB.
  • DX: DirectX 11.
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720.

How to Download & Install Fallout 4 with all Dlc free

For downloading the game for your PC click below on the downloading link;

When Fallout 4 has been downloaded, Double click inside the Fallout 4 folder and run the exe application.

Hence enjoy the real action and shooting experience o f the Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 for PC with All dlc Free Download


This is an excellent game to play who loves shooting and action games. Two camera views; first person and 3rd person perspective makes it so much fascinating. S.P.E.C.I.A.L and V.A.T.S systems have made the game more adorable and one cannot resist any more of playing this game.

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