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Free Emulator for PSP - PSP Emulator 2018 - PSP Emulator games for android. PRO Emulator PSP can run a huge amount of PSP games using this best emulator at full speed and high resolution. Free Emulator for PSP - PSP Emulator for Android is the Best emulator to play PSP (PlayStation Portable) games with best game compatibility.
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September 26, 2018
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Free Emulator for PSP - PSP Emulator 2018 - PSP Emulator games for android. PRO Emulator PSP can run a huge amount of PSP games using this best emulator at full speed and high resolution. Free Emulator for PSP - PSP Emulator for Android is the Best emulator to play PSP (PlayStation Portable) games with best game compatibility.



Sometimes we want to play the video games which we played once in our childhood on PlayStation in game house on our street’s end, these games have nostalgic effect on our memories, and reminds us our beautiful childhood. If you are missing those old games and really want to play them but you could not have found any kind of alternative to those portable PlayStation games then there is good news for you. So buddies, now there is no need to get sentimental anymore, here is the solution; PPSSPP Gold Apk, it is an Emulator that is very useful and it helps us to play old PlayStation games on our Smart phones. This is such software that helps gamers to play their favorite old games on their mobile phones.

The programmers did their best to prepare PPSSPP Gold Apk that will help the users to enjoy their childhood games on their Smart phones. This has been developed just keeping in mind your aspirations and affinity towards you childhood old games, so an app of its own kind has been developed that will allow you to fulfill your ambitions. So now you can play those games in the best graphics and high definition. So the games like Street Fighter, Tekken 3, Snow Bros, and many more. So now it has become very easy to enjoy those vintage games on your latest mobile phone with excellent graphics and HD quality.

Henrik Rydgard is the developer who developed this amazing and excellent Emulator, he lives in Sweden and works on various operations like Android, Symbian, Windows, and Blackberry. PPSSPP Gold Apk will help you to store your gameplay session by using your phone Storage, so that you will be able to resume playing your favorite PSP games easily and you don’t have to restart the game, so this is working as an alternative to memory stick of PSP handled console. To decode audio sound it uses the ffmpeg software for this purpose so enabling PPSSPP to use complete features of multimedia. Here are the names of some games that are supported by PPSSPP Gold APk;

Burnout Legends,

Burnout Dominator

Dragon Ball Z

Final Fantasy: Crisis Core

Final Fantasy: Type-0

Grand Theft Auto LCS / VCS


Little Big Planet

Monster Hunter 2 Unite and 3: HD Remake

Persona 2, Persona 3 Portable

Soul Calibur

Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6



and many more…

What is an Emulator?

It is imitation software that imitates a program’s working in one device just like it works in another device. This is a software that enables one electronic device (host) to behave like another device (guest) so in other words PPSSPP is an emulator and it emulates (imitates) the PSP games running in your Smart phone and run the game smoothly just like this game does in portable PlayStation games. Emulator translates the machine language of an application into machine language of the Smart phone.

One thing must be made clear that PPSSPP Gold APk does not offer you any game but it helps you in playing your downloaded video games or those games that you have purchased from PSP game providers.

General Information about PPSSPP Gold APk

Name of the App PPSSPP Gold – PSP Emulator
Size of the file 29.23 MB
Version 1.9.4
Required Operating System Android 3 and Above
Does it require Root? No
Developed by Henrik Rydgård
Last Updated July 7, 2019


Features of PPSSPP Gold APk

The success of every app lies in the features of that app and there are numerous such features of PPSSPP Gold APk that make it an excellent app and earned a good name to it. So no need to further delay, here are some useful and unforgettable features;

  • One feature that is of vital importance when we are using the old PSP games o games from other video game players, that we usually see and take experience in the modern day gaming era is; the graphics. So this comes in everyone’s mind that when we are going to play the old games the quality must be compromised but here this is not the case and here the things have been managed in a good manner during the development of PPSSPP Gold Apk that you will get a high quality gameplay. So now there is no need to get bother about your gaming experience due to quality of the game.
  • If you are thinking that you can only enjoy the games on your Android device’s screen then don’t worry you can enjoy excellent gameplay on your bigger screen of your tablet. So the games which were only played on small screens now can be played on bigger screen instead of highly small screen with the help of PPSSPP Gold Apk.
  • Everyone plays games either these would be new ones or the older games, sometimes we don’t feel comfortable to use the pre defined controls. So here this app again help you and further more adds in your gameplay by giving you the ability to customize the controls with your own consent. Here one more positive thing is that you can even connect some external controller or even a keyboard if you do not feel comfortable using touch controls for playing your favorite game.
  • The most required quality of this PPSSPP Gold Apk is its ability of real time saving of the game that is present in any modern Android gaming app so that by using this feature you can save your game wherever you want or feel necessary. When these games were available in PSP the game saving was not common at that time as it is common in current Android games that you can save your game, but now this app has made it possible for you so now the game can be saved at any state. So it is a good evolution for the old games.

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  • The old gaming experience is different from the new gaming experience, and when we play the old games in this current era then these differences would definitely play their role, and when the gaming experience is converted to match the current quality standards of the latest technology, then it looks very difficult task. The concept of anisotropic filtering and texture scaling are two things that will solve the problem and enable the users to adjust the quality gameplay according to the user preferences. So the blurred game playing era has been ended now and you can now adjust the gameplay according to your needs by these useful features.
  • This beautiful app lets you to restart playing your game from exactly the same instant that you just left, so it permits you to transfer the saves from your PSP into your app so this will enable the player to continue the from the moment where he/she left. The maker of this app likes your suggestions about this app and tries to improve its features that fulfill the demands of the users of that app.
  • This app is an open source project and was created under the GPL 2.0. So there were many contributions made into the basic code of the app by the recommendations of the users and their reviews have made this app so much useful for gamers that this app is now able to run a lot of PSP games and the best quality gaming experience on Android devices and tablets is being enjoyed by the users as it converts low quality of gaming experience to the best possible quality.

How to Download

  • Click the following link to download free PPSSPP Gold Apk with latest and full version.
  • After the downloading is completed the installation page of PPSSPP Gold Apk will be visible on your screen.
  • So now click on install and further would be completed by your device.
  • Now it’s the time to enjoy the real gaming experience on your Android device.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are emulators illegal or legal?

These are legal for downloading and for using on your devices but its copyrighted ROM sharing is not legal. There is no legal example for ripping and downloading for game that you own, but there could be an argument made for fair use.

Does emulators safe for use?

Yes of course emulation is quite safe. But you should be careful about the tricks used to corrupt your system. Usually you will find on some websites that emulators for PS4 and 3DS are viruses.

Final Words

And excellent emulator that has positively changed the gaming experience of many gamers and make them to enjoy their childhood games with comparable current gaming experience qualities. PPSSPP Gold Apk allows the users to play to play their favorite PSP games on their Android devices in the latest high definition quality gameplay that made them more close to their childhood. If want this app free then download it from the link we have given above and install it on your Android device and enjoy the party

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How to install PSP EMULATOR - PPSSPP GOLD APK Free Download - Latest Version APK?

1. Tap the downloaded PSP EMULATOR - PPSSPP GOLD APK Free Download - Latest Version APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.